Our Family

More about Jason

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Jason grew up in a rural community in Iowa and has many fond memories of spending time with family on his grandparents' farm. He currently works as a District Manager for a large company. Though his job includes some travel, it is also flexible enough to allow him to set his own schedule and work from home routinely. He is grateful that his job gives him plenty of opportunities to be involved in family and community activities.

Krista says “Jason is my best friend and the love of my life. He is faithful, loving and always knows how to make me smile. He gives his best to everything he does, whether it’s parenting, helping a friend, or making special memories as a family. But most of all, his strong faith inspires me in my own faith walk. He is an amazing father to our son Isaac. He makes a point to include Isaac is whatever he’s doing -- whether it is playing cars on the floor, reading a book, or working on a special project outside. He makes family time a priority, ensuring each of us feels treasured and loved.”

More about Krista

mother waiting to adoptKrista spent her childhood in a small town in Iowa, studied Computer Science in college, and worked as a Systems Analyst for 7 years. Currently, Krista is enjoying being home fulltime with our son and plans to continue to do so. Some of the fun things that fill her weeks at home with Isaac include trips to the local library and nearby parks, time to do projects together, and being part of a Mom's Group.

Jason says “Loving, thoughtful, and kind are some of the first words I think of to describe Krista. She makes my life complete and inspires me to be a better husband. Krista is a patient and nurturing mother putting our family first to make sure our needs are met. She always finds time to make special memories with our son. I’m so thankful God brought us together and is my partner in raising our children.”

More about Isaac
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Isaac is an energetic and creative 5 year old that fills our home with laughter.  He loves trains, cars, playing outside, our family dog Ratchet, and working on art projects.  He has a big imagination and is always making up stories about rescues, races, monsters and pirate ships.

Isaac is very excited about the idea of being a big brother and has enjoyed helping us get the nursery ready.  He often tells us what good things will happen "when a baby comes to our family".  His list includes sharing his baby toys and having someone ride in the grocery cart with.  He recently told us that he thought we should adopt “seven brothers or maybe one sister”.

Our Home, Community and Faith

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Our four bedroom home is on an acreage in a rural community in Minnesota.  We are blessed to have more than plenty of space for kids to explore outside, a big garden, and a few chickens.

On a typical weekend you can find our family enjoying a campfire in the big backyard, biking on local bike paths, taking our dog Ratchet for walks, visiting a nearby park, bowling with friends, or enjoying our favorite pizza place.  

The local church where we are members has wonderful children's programs and family activities.  We also live in a great school district with lots of opportunities.  As a family, we pray regularly, involved in our church, and read the Bible together.  As parents, we have a big responsibility to live out our faith in front of our children, to show them God's love, to teach them God's word, and encourage their personal faith in Christ.  We will continue to lift our children up in prayer and work to parent them as best we can.